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Recognizing who we truly are and how our lives are constantly providing us the next step is a crucial part of everyone’s life process. Albert Clayton Gaulden has three amazing books available;


Clearing for the Millennium
“Time draws nearer when return will be impossible for those who do not make a radical shift in consciousness.
The world of illusion is about to end.”
Albert explores 8 spiritual principles present in all of our lives.






Signs and Wonders
“ innovative work that offers practical strategies, anecdotes, case studies, and stories of personal transformation to expand our awareness. It teaches us how to listen for and understand the answers to our prayers, to know if we are on the right track when plagued by worry, doubt, and uncertainty.”


You’re Not Who You Think You Are
“Read this book and find out why relationships don't work. Gaulden writes that the reason they fail is that two people never want the same thing at the same time; you can't have a relationship with somebody else until you have one with yourself. And you can't have one with yourself because you don't know who you are.

Each of us has been misidentified from birth. You're not who you think you are. Your parents are not who you think they are either. Husbands, wives, and lovers are everything and anything but whom you think they are. All of us create the other from our own egocentric points of view. It goes deeper and deadlier than that. We need for someone else to inherit our unwanted, unattractive qualities that we refuse to face and heal.

If you're not who you think you are, and if others have been created as you need for them to be and not as they really are, who are you and who are they? We are all powerful light beings that have lost the middle ground, the psychological androgyny of consciousness. But in truth we are neither male nor female-we are both. The resoulution is to find out how to love you so you can love someone else.”


“Experiencing Albert’s profound process of becoming “whole” through his
Sedona Intensive changed my life forever.
I am eternally grateful.”

Mark W. Peebler

It is important that we keep reinforcing the message of Abundance and Attraction in our life experience. We have found the following two books to be very powerful to that end!

The Books below will change
your thinking & your life -


Looking for the right tools to create the Abundant Mindset?

One Minute Millionaire is a must read!


Think Rich to Grow Rich
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth


Harvest of Illusion
Click cover to purchase.

"I have had the honor of knowing "Skip" Wallach since before this book was published. As a matter of fact, I first read the galley or proof copy of this book. The story moved me and I know it will affect YOU in a positive way also." - Mark W. Peebler

This is a science fiction novel about how spirituality wins. It's your chance to think about why you're here, where you were before you got here and where you're going when you leave -- and be entertained at the same time. Set late in the 21st century, it's a modern, wild, funny, emotional and action-packed spiritual adventure couched in just the right amount of science fiction, the paranormal and fantasy for flavor. Underlying the story, is a combination of ancient, new-thought and original concepts concerning the loving metaphysical nature of being, the purpose of life and what we are each capable of doing during our stay here to help ourselves, each other and the planet.

Through this science fiction adventure, HARVEST OF ILLUSION describes, in a logical, interesting and uncommon way, a metaphysical view of:

• The source and nature of spirituality, consciousness and soul
• The source and nature of the material universe
• The source and purpose of material life
• The nature and effect of death
• The Superconscious (spiritual) Dimension
• Entrainment of thought and its power
• Mentally healing the physical body
• The process of ascension from the Material Dimension
• Which of the above are illusion
• The Truth about the nature of existence

BuyNow Harvest of Illusion


The MUST Read Book for anyone looking to expand their thinking,
to Achieve their Dreams,
is available FREE to YOU!

Think and Grow Rich
Click the cover to receive your FREE copy.
Not an eBook, the actual book sent to YOU!

(S & H only)


Three Feet From Gold
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This is an amazing book! - Dr. DREAM

Based on the principles outlined in Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, authors and veteran financial officers Lechter and Reid craft an engaging allegory to illustrate Hill s principals of success. Readers follow everyman Greg as he pursues happiness and success with the help of fictional guru Jonathan Buckland, who arranges a series of meetings and experiences which ultimately guide readers to better understand the mindset which leads to success. Like Hill, Lechter and Reid believe that, though there are many things you cannot control, the factors critical to success are within an individuals control: namely, your mind and your attitude. As such, each short, story-driven chapter includes quotes from Hill and other luminous successes, while taking Greg point-by-point through acquiring knowledge (about vision, opportunity, taking action, following through and more), and applying it. Readers won t ever get bored with Lechter and Reid s brisk text, and it s ameliorated by plenty of review. Big ideas are developed artfully by revisiting and building upon previously introduced concepts. This volume should interest both sophisticated and novice followers of Napoleon Hill, or anyone looking for a practical take on the power of a positive outlook.
-- Publishers Weekly




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