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Dr. DREAM decided early on that he would make himself and his work available to all people. He realized that the people that may need his assistance the most, will not always be the people that can afford to pay for his services. He began to see that many of the people that he learned so much from, kept sending him emails and doing "live" events and offering services that were expensive, and quite honestly, out of reach for so many. He blesses them for their work and the impact they have had on his journey, but, he chooses to be different.

Dr. DREAM has worked with hundreds of people that are just not in a position to pay. He only asks for them to be open to the process and to do the same for others as they can in the future. He continues to provide hours and hours of one-on-one sessions, group calls, and scholarships to his paid events, for those that are in the most need.

YOU can assist Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels to continue to touch the lives of people that need it the most!

You have an opportunity to assist Dream the Biggest DREAM in our goal of having the greatest impact on as many people as we can possibly reach. Please make a donation - any amount - so we can continue to Make the Difference TOGETHER!

Blessings of Conscious Action from Unconditional, Universal LOVE~


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