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Dream the BIGGEST DREAMream the Dream the BIGGEST DREAMIGGEST Dream the BIGGEST DREAMREAM is for all of us - it is meant to be a reminder that whatever it is we truly want in our lives, can be ours. We have created our own “lack”...Dream the BIGGEST DREAM is here to provide help and support as we create our own “abundance”. There are quotations around “lack” and “abundance” because these words will mean something different to each of us. 
All that matters is what it means to you, and what you want to create.

Unlock your Dreams!
  • Identify exactly what we want our lives to be about and how we want to feel as we live our lives...
  • Stay focused on those thoughts, emotions, dreams and desires...
  • Our experience shifts accordingly.



“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely on what you think.”
- Dale Carnegie

“We’ve got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true.”
- Denis Waitley

“I dream, therefore I become.”
- Cheryl Grossman


No Beginning - No End - We Are There!It REALLY Works!
 [in 8 Simple Steps]

You DREAM of the life you want...
You KNOW that dreams come true...
You know you DESERVE it...
You see the opportunities that you MANIFEST...
You take ACTION...
You continue to LEARN...
You SHARE your life, your love, and your lessons...
You EXPRESS APPRECIATION to the Universe...


  1. Dream -
    What it is that makes your heart sing? What activity addresses your life purpose? When do you feel most connected to the Universal Love or Oneness? These questions may help you identify what your BIGGEST DREAM is - or what it involves. Ask for your Universe to help you identify Your Dream.
  2. Know -
    Connect with the knowledge that Dreams do come true - that you are able to Live Your Dream.
  3. Deserve -
    You do deserve to Live the Life You Want - this is Your Time - You CHOSE to be here - Now Choose to Deserve the Life You Want.
  4. Manifest -
    You are creating your entire life experience - see it happening - see how your experience is coming from your thoughts and dreams. As you become focused the opportunities that are leading to Living Your Dream are manifesting in your experience - Recognize and Embrace them.
  5. ACTION -
    Your life is giving you everything you are focused on - follow the signs and messages - Take the actions you intuitively know will lead you to the next steps.
  6. LEARN -
    Watch how your thoughts and focused energy are creating your experience - what is still being created in your life by default thought processes that do not serve your highest good? Continue to “fine-tune” your creation process and learn the techniques that serve you best.

  7. SHARE -
    We are all in this experience together for a reason - consciously share what you have that serves the highest good of all. 
    Take every opportunity you have to express thanks and gratitude in your life - to the Universe in general and to all those with whom you interact. Your whole life is a gift - for you and for everyone in your experience. You are creating, manifesting and attracting everything you experience - stay conscious and express your deepest appreciation - LOVE!
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