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[Submitted by Ronna Bejarano]


The cosmic - universal question is:
“What do you want?”
The only answer is: “I want...”.

Therefore, desire is the prime mover of our lives. What do you want?

This is the first thing I ask my self in regards to all aspects of my life, both personal and professional. i understand that I am responsible for creating my own reality.

In studying and learning from many different people, I have come to use “the law of attraction”, “positive thinking”, ”power of suggestion”, “visualization - imagination”, “affirmation”, as powerful aids and tools to help me focus and create my reality.

If any thing is possible what possibility do you choose? What would your life look like?

Our only limitation is ourselves. What are we willing to ask for , what are we willing to accept, what are we willing to do?

You might say, “I want to be involved in a business that has an unlimited growing income, doubling every year and spend more time with my family while pursuing projects and interests that I am passionate about.

And your mind says - “Yeah, right! From where I am now, that’s impossible.”

First step in creating your reality is belief. I am responsible for my own reality and I can choose. Circumstance and situations will lead me to where I am going. The law of Attraction says that whatever you put your attention on you will attract. Thought and feelings are magnetic and attract more of the same.

Second step is Positive Self Talk. Our minds will talk incessantly with meaningless and distracting chatter. Why not purposely give your mind words, phrases, and subjects to talk about?

Third step is powerful image projection. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined. Why not project through your imagination the images and scenes of the things you desire?

Make a tape by first writing a script you will read out loud. Write your script in first person, present tense, with positive statements and emotion. Talk about what your life is like, living the life of your dreams. How are you feeling, what are you doing, what kind of relationships do you have? What is your house like, your surroundings, how is your business growing, etc. you might have to rewrite several times to get the language right, to have the images you want, and to have a lot of emotion. When you hear your tape, it should excite you and make you feel charged!



Creative Visualization

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