Group Sessions

We offer many Group Energy-Transference Sessions throughout the month / year in different locations (see below).

Dr. DREAM is available to work with YOUR group on the phone, in your office, home or another location.

Dr DREAM shares Unconditional LOVE

Dr. DREAM presents Universal LOVE

Experience created to Transform



A Multiple Modality Journey into Universal LOVE


Dr. DREAM facilitates the following;

Unconditional LOVE Events

Sessions are 3+ hours.


Positive and Inspirational meets Energizing and Recharging.
Mark "Dr. DREAM" Peebler and the Band of Angels incorporate several modalities and tools, including, but not limited to; our Rife-inspired frequency device, guided visualization, Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, didgeridoo, healing crystals, sound-vibration therapy, flower essences, ThetaHealing, Sacred Geometry, Bio-Energetic Activation and essential oils - in addition to all of the above, we are honored to have, as our energetic centerpiece, a unique Crystal Grid designed for each event.

What to expect:
You will feel happier, more hopeful and energetically recharged than ever before!
This workshop includes many modalities and tools that are integrated in such a way to give the participants an opportunity to experience themselves and take a look at their lives from a newly energized perspective. In that everything, including all of us, are made up of energy, this Guided Visualization / Meditation in conjunction with such powerful tools like essential oils, crystals and different sound & vibration, will elevate each participant's energy.

This is a very powerful (and FUN) experience!
We invite you to join us.


Groups that bring Dr. DREAM in to facilitate a session or workshop, may customize the experience by adding one, or all of the following:

  • Create Reality NOW! - An introduction to 21 Days to Change - the Conscious Creation Program
  • Universal LOVE - Abundance Activation
  • Breakthrough Training - Dreams-to-Reality™ (this is a minimum 4 hour program)
  • Opening/Balancing/Clearing the Body's Energy Centers (Chakras)
  • Essential Oils - basics to advanced
  • Crystal Healing - basics to advanced
  • Flower & Gem Essences - basics to advanced

Some or all of these are integrated with Dr. DREAM’s presentation on, and practical tools relating to the Nature of Reality and Creating the Life You Want. 


Comments from recent Group Sessions;

"I wanted to write and thank you for today. Thank you for sharing your dream and your stories.
Thank you for reminding me to not just pay more attention to my dream, my biggest dream..but to embody it.
I love seeing you in your light. You are a fantastic reflection." - Naomi

"I attended the "Unconditional Love Activation" event.
It was an experience that forever changed my life.
I was guided by Dr. Dream to let go of things that did not serve my highest purpose and to allow unconditional love to flow through me and from me. I was so empowered, I was able to leave a job that undervalued me and my gifts to start my own business!
I will be forever grateful to Dr. Dream and his associates.
Thank you all. Namaste."
Shelly C.

"When Dr. Dream contacted the Ganesha Center to do his workshop, we asked for a description of the course. After reading what was included, my partner and I said, "Wow, how is Mark going to include all these different modalities in a 3 hour workshop?" When we were marketing the course to our clients, most them couldn't grasp the full idea of it, and many were hesitant to sign up.
Well, let me tell you, we have done almost 100 classes a month for the year that the center has been open, and I must say, this was one of the most powerful workshop we have head the good fortune to host.
First of all the energy level of Dr. Dream and his staff was amazing, and right away the lucky participants knew they were in for an amazing experience. We all sat in a circle holding hands, and let all the beautifully choreographed modalities wash over us, filling us with love, hope and a greater understanding of ourselves.
Dr. Dream's workshop is now the talk of the center, and we can't wait until he returns!" - Paul Isensee, Ganesha Center, Las Vegas

The "Unconditional Love Activation" is a must for everyone.
Whether you are well versed or just beginning your journey into exploring these multiple modalities, Mark "Dr. Dream" Peebler gently yet securely guides you through the entire activation step by step. A strong feeling of safety and comfort was prevalent for the entire time. So many wonderful tools and modalities working together all at once is quite a treat. The activation has solidified a great portion of my recent expansion and has given me a new platform to continue my growth from. I am among fellow conscious dreamers with Mark, Neil, Ilya and Jake.
I am forever grateful to them for sharing their tools, knowledge and love with us.
It is a blessing that will continue to expand and grow in vast and profound ways throughout many years to come. "All you need is LOVE"
Many blessings to you all on your journeys.
In Light,
Kim Crayton
The Center for Mind, Body and Spirit
Cottonwood CA.

"The Tour Of Love's visit to Logan was absolutely awe inspiring. Everyone that participated experienced such immense love. I received several calls after the gathering from people telling me that for the first time in their lives they have found a heart connection that they have yearned for. Thank you Dr. Dream and the Tour Of Love group for all that you are and do. You are truly making a difference!" ~Lori Christensen, Cosmic Nudge

"Dr. Dream was a dream in all ways...kind, loving, knowledgeable. A wonderful, uplifting experience with many reminders of our purpose in life being unconditional love. This workshop is a must for you if you want to be revitalized with the inner knowing of why you are here on this earth plane"- Joan Peck

"The Transformation experience is one that should not be missed if you are on the journey to discover life at a higher vibration. Mark and Jessie created a space where I could be completely vulnerable and let the essence of who I am shine through. It was three hours of perfection and I am blessed to have crossed paths with these amazing beings."
K.L., San Diego

"Not only was Mark professional, caring and very adept at guiding the group into a deep meditation, but the many methods that he combined of crystals, essential oils, music, singing bowls and rife technology proved to be one of the most amazing combinations of raising the groups vibrational frequencies that I have ever experienced. Thank you Mark for you effective methods and caring approach to your students and clients."
Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt, Founder and Spiritual Director of the Temple of Light

"I was in a meditative state where I knew exactly what I needed to do for all my questions, problems, doubts, etc...I felt the energy traveling from my right hand to my left in waves and the whole session left me feeling high and numb all over my body. Also, the music was perfect! And Dr. Dream is absolutely amazing! The tone of his voice along with the music put me in a nice trance. When I was driving home, I felt that everything was happening all at the same time...The only other thing I can add here is a THANK YOU! Thank you for BEING so amazing, thank you for creating this beautiful opportunity..." A.B., Los Angeles

"This healing session was very huge for me. A lot of the things you two said resonated within me. I did feel like I called that evening into my experience, and it's perfect that you two were clear and open enough to express this to us. I was so happy to see the crystals. And thankful to be gifted one...You two were very much connected and authentic, and I very much appreciated it. This impacted me greatly because currently in my life I have been working on releasing old habits and old unconscious patterns of myself, and this really opened me up to being able to face past karma that needs to be released to the light. I felt very clear and light after our session." T.L., Los Angeles

"I have barely recovered from my Cali trip. In a good way, of course. And I wanted to thank you for your time and the experience. I had an amazing feeling leaving the session that day and felt high all day.
I hope I can explain what I want to tell you next...
Something shifted in me. I am, without much thought, letting go of things I had such a tight grip on before, things that have brought me anger and wasted energy. Everyday I keep making little decisions that push me towards my goals and forgiveness. It is strange. I don't give these things very much thought. I feel that my experiences recently are a result of the 'shift' I feel in myself. I could go on for pages and pages...
Mark, it was my pleasure and I thank you."
- S., Arizona

"...thanks for having me. it was a special session!~ I felt immediately calm and relaxed with you...." - L., San Diego

"What a great get together you this past weekend. All great people! Always a treat to spend quality time with you Mark. As you know I came that afternoon feeling a bit ill with some sort of bug and with all that positive energy it definitely departed that night just as you said it would. Who couldn't enjoy your overwhelming positiveness and the DREAM THE BIGGEST DREAM!" - C.R., San Diego

"We had a wonderful time and thank you for facilitating the experience."
- J.K., San Diego

"Thanks Mark! It was really fun this weekend. Looking forward to the next time!!! I have felt great since our session... LOTS of energy! Even sparked the creative energy, and I have been painting up a storm. A nice benefit." - L.E., San Diego

"Thanks for the invite to the energy workshop today - it was a very powerful experience for me and my two friends. Something very magical about sitting in a room with a group of people and connecting... I'm so glad my cough took a break during the meditation! I felt great..." - J.K., San Diego

"It was a very cool experience. I had some time to myself that evening and sat out in the backyard feeling very grateful for what I have for great friends and experiences. I also was able to take a break from worrying about what may or may not happen at work. It was a great feeling." - M.G., San Diego


Group sessions may be created and customized based on the needs and desires of your specific group.

Please Contact Us direct to discuss details.


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Experience created to Transform

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